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UDC 349.6:504.05.628.3


Scientific and practical principles of regulating technogenic pollutants in municipal wastewater


The results of statistical processing actual data evidence the lack of linear relationship between technogenic pollutant concentrations at the input of the municipal wastewater treatment facilities and effluent after biological treatment. It proves the lack of the principles of the technical approach used to regulate the customers before 2013 and confirms the fact that the permissible pollution discharge limits shall be set exclusively on the assumption of preventing any negative impact on the public wastewater disposal systems. Permissible pollution concentration limits have been developed and proposed for introduction into the Rules of cold water supply and wastewater disposal.

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UDC 628.33:544.723

Nikolaeva L. A., Golubchikov M. A.

Removal of oil products from industrial wastewater with the use  of modified carbonate sludge-based sorption materials


Activated carbon adsorption is one the efficient methods of removing oil products from wastewater. This method provides for ensuring water quality that meets the requirements to the discharges into the surface water or the conditions of using in closed-loop water supply systems at the industrial plants. The data on the use of solid waste products as sorption materials in wastewater treatment are presented. Development of new cheap waste products-based sorption materials is of big scientific and practical importance. Utilization of granulated hydrophobous carbonate sludge-based sorption material (wastes of thermal power plants) as oil products adsorbent is suggested. Process characteristics and adsorption capacity of the material received were studied; express-testing of the quality of aqueous extract of the developed granulated adsorbent on the acute lethal toxicity for Daphnia Magna Str. crustaceans and Poecillia Reticulata Pet fish was carried out. The process flow scheme of wastewater treatment at «Nizhnekamskneftekhim» OJSC is presented. The calculations of an adsorption filter retrofitted into the scheme of tertiary treatment of conventionally clean effluents with new hydrophobous sorption material were carried out. It is suggested to use the outspent sorbent as an additive to construction ground coat.

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