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UDC 628.173.001.2

Shushkevich E. V., Bastrykin R. I., Aleshina E. V., Korchagin K. A., Geraskina I. Yu.

Analysis of Dependence of Water Consumption in Moscow on Outside-Air Temperature


To improve the accuracy of forecast of operation of a centralized water supply system the study of influence of ambient temperature on consumption of water of potable quality by the city has been conducted. From 2009 specialists of the Moscow State Unitary Enterprise Mosvodokanal (MSUE) make every day a forecast of daily water consumption in the city and also planning of daily and hourly water supply to the city by water supply facilities, thanks to it they managed to reduce considerably electric power expenses. The coefficient of water consumption growth for Moscow outside the zone of temperature comfort (over 25 ºC) has been determined. The data obtained make it possible to improve the accuracy of water consumption forecast and to designate optimal conditions of water supply to the city.

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UDC 628.356.1:621.61

Bitiev A. V., Basov N. S., Novikov S. N., Smolenskii A. V., Ustiuzhanin A. V., Bazhenov V. I.

Predicting energy-efficient effect of the controlled air delivery
at the Novo-Liuberetskie Wastewater Treatment Facilities


Стратегия развития АО «Мосводоканал» предусматривает
The corporate strategy of «Mosvodokanal» JSC envisages the systematic practical application of energy-efficient solutions substan­tiated by the method of mathematical prediction of the energy-efficient effect of the controlled air delivery at the air blower house of Block No. 1 of the Novo-Liuberetskie Wastewater Treatment Facilities in Moscow. The controlled air delivery to the aeration tanks for the biological wastewater treatment processes has been proposed as a key and cost effective method of energy conservation. The energy-efficient effect was determined by comparing the resultant energy consumption of two states of the predictable air deliver system – the basic state without control and controlled one. In the process of data and measurement method generation the calibrated metering devices of the operating SCADA system and data of the certified laboratory were used. The experimental survey of the air blower house with N750-23-6 units was carried out. The average decrease of air delivery resulting from the equipment deterioration for the 35 years’ operating period was 5.8–10.4%; the operation pressure decrease was 40.7–5.4%. The isoentropic coefficient of performance of N750-23-6 units was 75% at 79% rating. The method of predicting the energy-efficient effect including the mathematical model of energy input is considered. The model provided for 1.27% average ratio error at the verification against the actual environment of the operating object. The mathematical prediction of the energy-efficient effect revealed 32.5% or 11,343.97 thousand kWh/year reserve or 30,061.52 thousand ruble/year (VAT excluded) savings. Adjustable blade control of the air blowers was chosen as the technical basis of the energy efficiency. The study results formed the basis for the energy service contract.

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UDC 628.157.004.1

Shushkevich E. V.

Efficient control of water supply and distribution system of the Moscow megalopolis


The existing system of Moscow water supply is a comprehensive complex of engineering facilities that provide for uninterrupted supply of potable water to the city inhabitants. The main task of the system control is to assure delivering the required amount of high quality potable water alongside with maintaining optimal operation mode of all the water facilities. The main aspects of the efficient water supply control are as follows: predicting daily and hourly water consumption in the city; planning amount of delivery by the water treatment facilities; assuring operational control (of pressure, quality); computerizing control processes. Improving the efficiency of such a large-scale system may be possible only by investigating and introducing innovative solutions, integrated use of information technologies including GIS, modeling flow distribution in the water distribution network, and computerizing water delivery and distribution modes.

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