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The current state of the water regulatory framework


The legal and regulatory framework of designing, building and operating water supply systems with surface and underground water abstraction (resource block), technical process solutions and equipment, development of sanitary requirements to the quality of water sources and of water supplied to the population, rules of operating water supply systems are considered. The development of the water legislation in the country is related to the introduction into force of the RF Water Code in 2006 and amendments to it. The use of underground waters is regulated by the Federal Law «On subsurface resources», «Classification of reserves and predicted resources of drinking, process and mineral underground waters» and by guidelines on its application. The drawbacks of the existing documents related to finding ground waters in natural conditions that meet the requirements of sanitary authorities to the drinking water are noted. The analysis of the formation of the regulatory framework of technologies shows that there are progressive trends related to the adoption of 416-ФЗ Federal Law «On water supply and wastewater disposal». At the same time it is shown that updating SNiP 2.04.02-84 in the form of 31.13330 Set of Rules has a number of drawbacks. When considering the sanitary safety of water sources the necessity of early adopting public health regulations related to water supply source selection (replacing GOST 2761-84), revising SanPiN, developing legitimate recommendations on hydrogeologic methods of estimating the dimensions of sanitary protection zones, and developing the mechanism of adjustment of maximum permissible concentrations of components regulated by SanPiN harmonized with WHO requirements is pointed out. It is shown that the robustness of water supply systems is ensured by the motivated selection of water supply sources and designs of water intakes, systems of water purification, supply and distribution. At the same time it is necessary to carry out process studies of remediation of water resources with account of the RF state standards of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 series.

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