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Mukhin V. M.

Activated carbon based on anthracite with high volumetric microporosity for water treatment


A new approach to the assessment of microporous structure and adsorption properties of activated carbon per unit volume has been substantiated. A few stage GAC technology for activated carbon production on the basis of anthracite has been developed. The qualitative characteristics of activated carbons made of anthracite from various regions of Russia have been studied and the affinity of their adsorption properties and strength characteristics is shown. The studies of adsorption properties of GAC (ground anthracite sorbent) activated carbon in drinking water treatment under static and dynamic conditions were carried out. The efficiency of activated carbon made of anthracite in removing heavy metal ions from wastewater from gold beneficiation plants is demonstrated. High adsorption capacity of GAC activated carbon both in relation to organic and inorganic pollutants in industrial water and wastewater treatment provides for its high efficiency in water supply and wastewater disposal systems. The study results showed that replacing sand or hydroanthracite media with active anthracite (eliminating the construction of a separate block with activated carbon) at the existing municipal water treatment facilities will provide for saving 150 billion rubles because the packed density of active anthracite is comparable to the packed density of quartz sand. Anthracite is not washed during filtration facilities backwash; with that both filtration of mechanical pollutants and sorption of molecular toxicants take place. As a result high quality drinking water is obtained without substantial expenditures.

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