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UDC 631.67:628.165

Kofman V. Ya.

The use of desalinated water for the needs of irrigation (review)


In quite a few foreign countries that suffer from water scarcity (Spain, Israel, Australia, Cyprus, OAE, Chile, China) and that are located in the regions with arid climate noticeable success has been reached or major developments in the field of using desalinated sea or underground water for irrigation have been initiated. The main technologies of water desalination for agricultural needs are reverse osmosis, ion exchange, electrodialysis. The factors that are constraining at this time large-scale deployment of desalinated water in irrigation practice include the high cost of desalination; the need of placing desalination plants close to agricultural fields; discharge of toxic concentrate from desalination process; the need of ensuring safety and remineralization of desalinated water. Quite a few research works in this field have been dedicated to the improvement of the energy efficiency of desalination, development of the improved irrigation schemes and selection of arable crops that could be irrigated with desalinated water with the highest economic benefit. Anyhow the steady increase of investments into the given field in foreign countries indicates that desalinated water can be definitely adapted for agricultural needs.

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UDC 628.1.033

Artemenok N. D., Nikitin A. M.

Certain Issues of Safety of Potable Water Supply


Issues of the safety of potable water supply for population using the surface and ground water are considered. Draft Federal Laws On Potable Water and Potable Water Supply and On Safety of Water Supply give preference to ground water and if a surface source is used it is recommended to organize an additional, reserve water intake of ground water in case of emergency situations. In perspective, a part of ground water used for water supply will reach 50% all over the country. But in many cities having the reserve water sources the problems concerning the influence of changeable water quality on human health are not solved.

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UDC 628.161.2:546.72/.711

Askerniia A. A., Korabel'nikov L. V., Moiseev A. V., Geras'kov S. S., Pavliuchenko D. I., Bodiagin A. O.

Special aspects of choosing the methods of single-stage deironing and demanganization of underground waters


Special aspects of choosing the methods of deironing and demanganization of underground water depending on the physical, chemical and microbiological properties in a single-stage water treatment process are described. The method of removing excessive concentrations of iron and manganese shall be chosen in the process of studies at the pre-project phase of front-end engineering and design. For underground water containing apart from manganese also iron mainly as oxides, the physical and chemical methods that combine pretreatment of raw water with a strong oxidant (sodium hypochlorite, ozone etc.) and subsequent filtration through chemically active material are most acceptable. Biological method of water deironing and demanganization is conditioned by the presence of microbiocenosis with the life cycle associated with the processes of iron and manganese oxidation in the ecosystem of the treatment facilities. The procedures of filter media inoculation with Crenothrix and Siderocapsa – Arthrobacter bacterial cultures are described. Based on the experience of operating «Vostochnyi-2» facilities for underground drainage water deironing and demanganization with a capacity of 25,000 m3/day in Krasnodar the use of the physical and chemical method of water treatment was justified. The results of operating a water treatment plant in «Yuzhnyi» settlement of Barnaul city show the efficiency of the biological method of underground water deironing and demanganization conditioned by the presence of microbiocenosis with the life cycle associated with the processes of iron and manganese oxidation in the ecosystem of the treatment facilities.

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