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UDC 628.32.004.1

Boichenko A. A., Gokov I. N., Miasoedov A. IU., Syrnikov E. V.

Local treatment facilities of the Belgorod Abrasive Plant OJSC


In the process of developing local treatment facilities at the Belgorod Abrasive Plant the experts of EkoTON Company used integrated multi-factor approach with exploratory design and adjustment of the facilities to provide for assured efficient wastewater treatment. Carrying our exploratory experimental design was motivated by developing an optimal process flow scheme of the local treatment facilities with account of the set of interrelated factors that determine both process and economic efficiency of their operation. As a result of the survey a process flow scheme was suggested that ensured meeting the standard effluent quality for discharge into the public sewer. The process flow scheme of the Belgorog abrasive plant wastewater treatment is described in details; the expediency of using EKOTON advanced equipment – flotation unit and MDQ screw dehydrator is proved. On the basis of experimental data on raw wastewater and effluent quality the efficiency of treatment was calculated and the parameters required to choose the optimal operation mode of the local treatment facilities were determined. The measurement results showed that the wastewater treatment efficiency has been permanent for the entire period of observing the initial pollution concentrations. This fact gives evidence of the correct choice of the process flow scheme with account of the operating schedule of the plant, pollution form etc. The high efficiency (to 98.2%) of reducing the concentration of grease, oils and oil products proves the optimal chemical dosages and efficient wastewater treatment in the flotation unit. The flocculant consumption is less than 25 kg per month as dry matter at the wastewater flow rate to 6200 m3 per month.

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UDC 628.32.004.69

Bagaev Yu. G., Veshkurtsev V. M., Gundyreva T. M., Khutornyuk G. N.

Modernization of Sewerage Treatment Facilities


The basic technical decisions and a description of the new equipment introduced at sewerage treatment facilities of the city of Novosibirsk are presented. It is told about the methods used when repairing pipelines and capacitive facilities. Modernization is carried out at all stages of treatment: at the main pumping station, mechanical and biological treatment facilities, sludge treatment facilities. Measures carried out make it possible to improve the quality of wastewater treatment, to reduce the discharge of polluting substances into the Ob. Modernization of the operating treatment facilities owing to the use of up-to-date equipment made it possible to improve the reliability of operation of the complex as a whole, to reduce the volume of sludge intended to further utilization, to reduce the negative influence on the environment and improve the city ecology.

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UDC 628.31.004.69

Rublevskaya O. N., Probirsky M. D., Lysova T. I., Malysheva V. V.

The experience of the North wastewater treatment plant development and upgrade


The 25-year experience of operating and developing the North wastewater treatment plant in Saint-Petersburg is described. The stages of upgrading the wastewater treatment plant are presented: the first stage – complying with the Helsinki Recommendations on Baltic Marine Environment Protection (HELCOM) with regard to elimination of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) from wastewater; the second stage – step-by-step 100% treatment of municipal wastewater from the combined sewage system by 2015 to comply with the HELCOM regulatory guidelines; the third stage – reduction of the volume and utilization of wastewater sludge. The improvement of the wastewater treatment plant provided for the upgrade of the facilities and equipment for wastewater mechanical treatment, sludge disposal, pretreatment of sludge mix before dewatering and other measures.

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UDC 628.334.2

Meshengisser Yu. M., Shchetinin A. I., Marchenko Yu. G., Zinchenko D. B.

Designing the aeration system of grit chambers


The procedure of designing the aeration system for grit chambers including energy relations and formulas for calculating the diameter and rate of air bubbles ascent is presented. The suggested relationships showed close agreement of calculated and experimental values of the transverse water circulation rate in the aerated grit chamber. On the basis of domestic and foreign recommendations on the given design procedure the bottom velocity of water circulating flow in typical aerated grit chambers was calculated. It was shown that the use of fine bubble aerators provides for 30–50% air saving.

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