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UDC 628162.1

Selyukov A. V., Chekmareva S. V.

Demanganization of River Water


One of the intractable problems of public utilities for treatment of water from surface sources, an impossibility of water demanganization using the classical scheme of water treatment, is considered. The results of studies of river water aftertreatment for manganese with the help of potassium permanganate at the water supply facilities of the city of Pugachev, Saratov Reg., are presented. In the course of selection of the method of reducing the manganese content the pH value and redox potential of the medium are taken into account. The studies conducted and the testing operation of the system of potassium permanganate dozing show that the treatment using this reagent ensures the residual content of manganese in potable water meeting the specified requirements.

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UDC 628.16.081

Selyukov A. V., Baykova S. A.

Deironing-demanganation of ground waters at the Severny intake facilities of Khanty-Mansiysk


The results of investigating the process of deironing-demanganation of ground waters at the Severny intake facilities of Khanty-Mansiysk are presented. Ground water subject to treatment is characterized by low hardness, low alkalinity, low salt concentration and temperature values typical for the waters in the north of Tyumen. The water treatment technology applied at the intake facilities does not ensure meeting the water quality standards for iron and manganese. An alternative method of oxidation with potassium permanganate is suggested. As a result of the pilot tests at the Severny intake facilities the optimal dose of potassium permanganate that provided for decreasing iron and manganese concentration to the standard level was determined. It was shown that preliminary alkalization of the treated water to pH 7.5 and 8.5 allows 3–10 decrease of the dose.

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UDC 628.161.2

Raff P. A., Selyukov A. V.

Desiliconization of ground water at the deironing-demanganization facilities


The results of investigating the technology of desiliconization of ground water typical for the Tyumen North are presented. It was found that efficient elimination of siliceous, ferriferous and manganese compounds is ensured in the process of water treatment with potassium permanganate in alkalescent environment with subsequent coagulation with AQUA-AURAT™30 polyoxychloride. However, the dosage of coagulant required to provide for the permissible silicon concentration is relatively high. Therefore, additional clarification means (e.g. two-stage filtration) shall be retrofitted into the process flow scheme. Residual aluminium concentration in filtrate did not exceed Maximum Permissible Concentration (MPC).

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