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Meshengisser Yu. M., Ulchenko V. M.

Retechnologization and Reconstruction of Water Treatment Systems


Basic propositions of the concept of water treatment systems retechnologization and its distinctions from retechnologization of wastewater treatment facilities are stated. Recently in the course of reconstruction of water supply facilities growing attention is paid to ecological aspects of their operation and such reconstruction is practically impossible without retechnologization. The process of retechnologization of water treatment and treatment of sediment of natural high- colored and slightly turbid water is described on the example of the State Unitary Enterprise PO Sevmash in the city of Severodvinsk of the Arkhangelsk Region. In the city of Sharya the EcopolymerGroup has executed the retechnologization of the water supply station with the aim to increase the capacity of operating facilities. The reconstruction of water supply treatment facilities in the city of Kovel (Ukraine) has made it possible to reduce iron content in potable water and improve operation characteristics of the facilities.

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