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UDC 69(083.75):628.1.033

Mazaev V. T., Shlepnina T. G.

About the Normative Document Sources of Centralized Potable Water Supply. Hygienic Requirements. Rules of Selection and Quality Control


Issues touched upon in a draft new normative document concerning the sanitary classification and rules of the selection of a source of centralized potable water supply are considered. The comparative analysis of a range and contents of the sanitary norms in force applying to natural water objects and sources of centralized potable water supply is made. Three professional tasks of a sanitary inspector for solution of which this document is necessary are formulated. The approval of this draft SanPiN (Sanitary Rules and Norms) in the capacity of a normative legal act will stimulate the solution of problems of potable water supply sources by means of their structurization, making on this basis the plan of concrete prophylactic measures with economic analysis of their costs and risk for health.

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