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UDC 628.171.033

Shmigol V. V., Chernosvitov M. D., Kukolkin V. N., Polst'ianov V. N.

The prospects of improving the energy efficiency of boosting pumping stations


«Samarskie kommunal’nye sistemy» LLC has been providing cold water supply, wastewater collection and treatment on the territory of the Samara urban district. One of the main tasks of the enterprise is improving the energy efficiency of boosting pumping stations. For this purpose a comprehensive approach to the selection of the number and trademark of pumping units as well as to the practicability of installing variable-speed drives is required. In contrast to the projected pumping stations with calculating the duty cycle of the pumps, with the existing stations solving the problem of minimi­zing wasteful energy losses requires studying the established water consumption pattern; determining the required pressure at the pumping station outlet and available pressure in the municipal distribution network. The problem of maintaining optimal pressure at the boosting pumping station outlet shall be considered: constant maximum design pressure; changed as per schedule; depending on the flow rate. Arranging a complete water audit, identifying illegal water consumers and optimizing the operation of block pumping stations with the use of variable-speed drives will provide for the significant reduction of water and energy consumption. The comparison of the dynamics and specific water consumption in separate residential buildings with the operation of the block boosting stations supplying water to separate residential buildings and blocks and with the existing regulation is presented. The diagrams of the specific water consumption patterns and variations in water consumption within 24 hours are given. The conclusions related to the prospects of improving the energy efficiency of the boosting pumping stations operated by «Samarskie kommunal’nye sistemy» LLC are drawn.

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UDC 628.179.3

Khramenkov S. V., Primin O. G.

The problems and ways of reducing water losses


The evaluation of the results of investigating drinking water loss reduction in the transportation system is presented. The analysis of the pipeline reliability and actual estimate of unaccounted-for water losses formed the basis of developing a strategy of water loss reduction. The strategy represents a system of controlled administrative and technical measures focused on operating the basic elements of the water supply system so that to minimize the losses during drinking water delivery to the consumer. Four main principles of actual water loss control are presented. The indicators and parameters that characterize phased-in introduction of the water loss management strategy in the Moscow water supply system are given. Implementing the strategy will ensure reducing the amount of unaccounted-for water losses in the Moscow water supply system to 6.8% of the total supply by 2016.

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