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UDC 628.179

Gromov G. N., Primin O. G., Bychkov D. A.

The model for calculating water losses and unaccounted-for-water  in the distribution network of Tumen


Drinking water production always exceeds the amount of the summed water demand for a number of reasons of technical nature as well as because of the water abuse and unaccounted-for-water. Water losses result in the degradation of the quality of services and reduction of pressure parameters at the point of consumption. At the present stage of water supply development with account of municipal utilities ageing in the Russian cities the issues of water losses assessment and management gain in importance for water consumption decrease, elimination of wasteful expenditures and water losses since they influence much the cost of production of services rendered by water providers. The analysis of the methods of evaluating water losses and unaccounted-for-water in public water supply systems is presented. The evaluation of water losses in the distribution network of Tumen is set. The calculation of the water balance by the procedure developed by International Water Association is presented. The description of the infrastructure leakage index that reflects the amount of water losses in a real water supply system is given. The method of evaluating direct water losses and activities on their reduction is presented.

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