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UDC 621.65:62-531.3:628.1

Goryunov A. N.

Interaction of Pumping Plants of the First Lift and Water Treatment Facilities


To ensure the effective work of a water treatment station, the coordination of operating modes of a pump station of the first lift with maintenance of the predetermined level at treatment facilities or in pure water tanks, and maintenance of the predetermined discharge to treatment facilities as well depending on the city’s water consumption is necessary.

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UDC 628.336.004.14

Chernov V. B., Sushinski A.

New Directions of Waste-Free Technique of Utilization of Wastewater Sludge


The foreign experience of waste-free technique of utilization of wastewater sludge with its use as alternative fuel for cement works on the example of a plant in the city of Karlstadt (Bavaria) is presented.

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