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UDC 628.12: 628.171.001.24

Kirsanov A. A., Kolchev V. N., Shmigol V. V., Chernosvitov M. D.

Research in Relift Pumping Stations


Results of the research in operation of relift pumping stations of Samara (water consumption, pressure in the suction and pressure pipelines) are presented. The aligned graphs of distribution of specific water consumption, an average value of factual specific water consumption and coefficients of irregularity, diagrams of annual and daily changes of water consumption are given. The comparison of results obtained with the standards in force is made. Values of specific consumption of 5 and 95% provision and also a probability of ingress of factual water consumption into the interval defined by the standard specifications are determined. The efficiency of the use of frequency regulation at intra-block pumping stations is substantiated.

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UDC 628.22:532.542

Chupin V. R., Melekhov E. S., Chupin R. V.

Pressure Movement of Flows in Gravity Manifolds


A new approach to the design of water disposal systems based on their simulation with hydraulic chains with unrecorded withdrawals and inflows of runoffs is offered. It makes it possible, on one hand, to determine the presence of counterflows in the network, possible effusions of flows on the ground surface, volumes of runoffs running out, carrying capacity of a water disposal system and, on the other hand, to simulate various conditions of flow transportation with due regard for possible cloggings, encrustation of pipes and other violations which can occur during the operation.

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UDC 628.162


Improvement of a Design Model of Operation of a Ring Water Supply Network


Issues of improvement of the design model of operation of the ring water supply network taking into account statistical data on its operation are considered. It is proposed to make corrections in the standards of water supply systems designing and supplement them with execution of reliability calculations of the ring water supply network.

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UDC 628.

Novitskaia O. S.

Taking into account the actual conditions of water consumption
in hydraulic designing water distribution networks


Pipeline hydraulic estimation is a basis of the process and technical-and economic, optimization, in particular, design of water supply systems. Improving hydraulic design of the water distribution networks with due account for the actual water consumption is a topical task; whereas estimation of the water flow rate dependence from free head values is an important and essential basis for calculations. The method of hydraulic design of water distribution networks with account of water flow rate dependence from free head values in the zones of both deficient and excessive head was developed and presented. To account for water losses the correlation factors of total water losses and total consumption, between water loss values in residential buildings and between total water loss values were introduced. The exponents reflecting water flow rate variation at nodal points were introduced. GRS NEW software for the hydraulic estimation of the joint operation of the entire system of water supply and distribution was improved. The software takes into account water flow rate increase at every nodal point depending on the available water head and allows identifying the problem points.

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UDC 621.65:62-531.3

Economic efficiency of using pumping units with variable-speed drives at low water supply


In the process of operating pumps with variable-speed drive at low water flow rates the reduction of the pumping unit efficiency factor is observed. It is suggested to determine the amount of energy lost during the operation of such pumping units with actual efficiency factor differing from the rated one. In some instances operating with low water flow rate results in power consumption increase. In this context experimental studies on determining the pumping unit efficiency factor at different impeller speeds were carried out. The results of the studies provided for identifying the optimal operation zone where the pumping unit efficiency factor was reduced by less than 2% of the maximum value, and the less economic zone where the efficiency factor was reduced to 35% of the maximum value. To evaluate the economic efficiency and determine the optimal operation area of pumping units with variable-speed drives at low water flow rate the efficiency curves for different pump impeller speeds are required. It is appropriate to include this data in pump catalogues.

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