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Ekoton: 15 Years of Innovations

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Trunov P. V., Lunin S. V., Chuev E. V., Pavlova V. Yu.

Enhancement of Efficiency of Biological Removal of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Compounds at Sewerage Treatment Facilities


The technology of wastewater treatment for biogenic elements using the processes of nitri-denitrification and dephosphatization on the basis of up-to-date sewerage treatment facilities is described. The principle of computer simulation with the help of the program complex BioWin is the basis of technical decisions. The aim of this calculation is to achieve reliable results which can be used in practice. The main advantages of introduction of high effective, ecologically safe technologies of waste water treatment using the equipment manufactured by the scientific and production firm Ekoton are described. Stages of the main works made by the engineering department of the company which can become a base for the beginning of design preliminary studies and receiving of necessary investments are considered.

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