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UDC 628.166

Zhurba M. G., Govorova Zh. M., Bakhir V. M., Ulyanov A. N.

On the Substantiation of Natural Water Disinfection Methods


Substantiation of the natural water disinfection method is necessary for assessment of great number of factors (qualitative composition of water, disinfectants properties and characteristics of technical disinfection means et al. and execution of preliminary technological tests for selection of a disinfectant meeting the following requirements: durable antimicrobial action, safety for human beings and animals, absence of generation of accompanying ballast salts, transformable organic substances, treehalogenmethane, economic advantage. Results of the comparative studies of efficiency of different disinfectants for reagent treatment of the Don and Tom rivers’ water at an experimental stands of 1–1,5 m3/hr capacity are presented.

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