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UDC 628.14:519.6

Novitskii N. N., Mikhailovskii E. A.

ISIGR Innovative software suite for the simulation of the operation modes of water supply systems


Energy and resource–saving reserves in the systems of water supply and distribution can be largely deployed by rational organization of the hydraulic modes of their operation with the use of advanced methods of mathematical and computer simulation. The description of a programming and computing suite that provides for the opportunity of using remotely the efficient methods of calculating the operation modes of water supply and distribution systems is presented. The principles of the suite implementation allow any number of users to make calculations anytime and anywhere provided the access to global Internet and standard Web browser is available. The suite underlying technologies are stated as well as its user options and computational performance. The results of pilot studies of the programming and computing suite are quoted. The application can be used in different branches (power economy, housing and public utilities, construction etc.) and fields of activities (engineering, operation, studies and education). It can be also useful for the experts of different levels – engineers, research workers, postgraduates, student, etc.

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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.05.03
UDC 004.94+519.6:656.56+699.814

Mikhailovskii E. A.

Modeling hydraulic modes of firefighting water system operations in the Internet


Basic fire protection of industrial and storage facilities, shopping and entertainment centers and other objects is made up of automated firefighting installations, internal fire water pipeline and water curtains. The analysis of the results of hydraulic calculations performed while designing these systems provides for selecting the required equipment composition, evaluating the operation of the systems in different modes etc. Hydraulic calculations are carried out, as a rule, using hand calculation, or a partially automated process. Algorithms are also used that implement numerical modeling procedures involving off-the-shelf software that simplifies compiling a system of equations with the formation of a calculation model from nodes and connecting paths. The software available in the domestic market is either not effective or very expensive, and requires user training. Substantive and mathematical statement of the flow distribution problem with variable nodal flow rates for a random pipeline system including fire protection, is presented. The corresponding modification of the nodal pressure method is given that takes into account the dependence of the flow through the nozzle (sprinkler, fire branch, etc.) on the pressure (head) upstream of it. This task and other ones can be solved using «ISIGR» programming and computing suite developed at the Institute of Energy Systems named after L. A. Melent’ev of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The software is designed for modeling in the Internet the hydraulic modes of the ring systems of water, gas supply and firefighting. The software has an effective, convenient, user-friendly graphical interface that provides for drawing a network layout with minimal effort, performing hydraulic calculations, and interpreting the results in graphical or tabular style.

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