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Pashedko I. M., Bocharskaia I. A., Reinke V. A.

Cultural creative technologies in the environmental education system


Environmental issues have been the most important global problems of the «nature – society» system; the origin of them being the prevailing spontaneity in the control of natural and public processes based on the consumptive exploitation of natural resources as well as the low level of the ecological culture of the population. To fulfill this challenging task the development of an efficient system of information sharing, social education of teenagers and young people on the environmental issues is required as well as the development of advanced technological approaches to the ecological education. Environmental awareness building will be efficient if it starts from the very childhood and provides for the acquisition of environmental knowledge, rules and standards of behavior. The importance of cultural creative technologies in the system of environmental education is considered; the main components of the cultural creative model are defined. The use of these technologies adds to the environmental education the integrity that makes the system that provides not only for the class activities program but also for the extra-curricular activities of children, teenagers and young people in the process of their active free time. The main components of the cultural creative model have been to the full extent reflected in the educational activities of «Information and Training Centre» Branch of SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» in relation to the environmental education of children and young people. The Branch comprises: multimedia exposition «The Universe of Water» and Youth Environmental Centre. Over the period of the Branch existence large-scale projects of the municipal, regional, all-Russia and international levels have been implemented.

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