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UDC 628.35:62-278

Pervov A. G., Matveyev N. A., Karasyev P. L., Motovilova N. B.

Removing oil products and detergents from surface runoff with the use of reverse osmosis systems


The studies of developing advanced technologies of surface runoff treatment from oil products and detergents are presented. The technologies are based on the process of reverse osmosis with the use of membrane units of a new type with an «open channel». Eliminating the causes of deposit formation can provide for ten-fold increase of the incoming water concentration in the units. The amount of concentrate (aqueous solution containing concentrated pollutants) is reduced to less than 1% of the initial water amount. With such small amount the concentrate is removed together with sludge. The estimations of the economic benefit of the rational utilization of surface runoff for technical purposes are presented.

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