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UDC 628.16.027:628.543

Egorova Yu. A., Kichigin V. I., Polst'ianov S. N., Nesterenko O. I.

Study of the technologies of wash water treatment  from contact clarifiers


The results of the laboratory studies of twelve flocculant kinds used for wash water treatment from contact clarifiers are presented. The optimal dosages of flocculant were determined. Two of the flocculants studied were selected that could ensure the maximum degree of water clarification at the minimum concentration of residual aluminium, residual polyacrylamide and suspended solids in water. It was stated that the sludge generated during water clarification had 99.9% moisture content. It was proved that Flopam FO 4240 PWG and Маgnafloc LT-22S flocculants ensured good sedimentation of pollutants present in wash water. Possible use of chemical and chemical free filtration in «Fil’tr Polimernyi» manufactured by «Samenviro» LLC as well as of membrane filtration in UNA-620A hollow fiber module (based on Microza® pressure membranes) in a pilot plant rendered by «Pall Evrasia» LLC was considered.

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UDC 628.16.066.1

Strelkov A. K., Sopyryaev M. N., Egorova Yu. A., Bykova P. G.

Development of Contact Clarification Technology for Low Turbid Water Treatment


The enhancement of a single-stage flow chart of treatment of low turbid water of the Saratov Reservoir (the Volga) in contact clarifiers at the treatment facilities of the city of Samara is considered. The experience of the operation of contact clarifiers in Samara under conditions of low turbid colour water treatment shows the high efficiency of water clarification and decolouration at simultaneous reduction of the cost of construction and operation of treatment facilities in comparison with the two-stage water treatment. The process of contact coagulation progresses faster than the usual coagulation in the free volume. A doze of coagulant at water clarification in contact clarifiers is smaller than in the course of two-stage treatment. The temperature of the water has almost no influence on the process of contact coagulation.

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