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UDC 628.161.2

Raff P. A., Selyukov A. V.

Desiliconization of ground water at the deironing-demanganization facilities


The results of investigating the technology of desiliconization of ground water typical for the Tyumen North are presented. It was found that efficient elimination of siliceous, ferriferous and manganese compounds is ensured in the process of water treatment with potassium permanganate in alkalescent environment with subsequent coagulation with AQUA-AURAT™30 polyoxychloride. However, the dosage of coagulant required to provide for the permissible silicon concentration is relatively high. Therefore, additional clarification means (e.g. two-stage filtration) shall be retrofitted into the process flow scheme. Residual aluminium concentration in filtrate did not exceed Maximum Permissible Concentration (MPC).

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UDC 628.16.094.7

Selyukov A. V.

Stabilization treatment of underground waters in the Tyumen North Region


The necessity of stabilization treatment of underground water used for potable water supply of the Tyumen North settlements is substantiated. The expediency of adding alkaline agents in the process of stabilization at the existing water treatment facilities in particular, is shown. Caustic soda is recommended as a stabilization agent. The in-process tests were carried out with water from Novomikhailovsk and Altymsk aquifiers that are most often used for potable water supply in the region.

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