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UDC 628.31.004.69

Rublevskaya O. N., Probirsky M. D., Lysova T. I., Malysheva V. V.

The experience of the North wastewater treatment plant development and upgrade


The 25-year experience of operating and developing the North wastewater treatment plant in Saint-Petersburg is described. The stages of upgrading the wastewater treatment plant are presented: the first stage – complying with the Helsinki Recommendations on Baltic Marine Environment Protection (HELCOM) with regard to elimination of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) from wastewater; the second stage – step-by-step 100% treatment of municipal wastewater from the combined sewage system by 2015 to comply with the HELCOM regulatory guidelines; the third stage – reduction of the volume and utilization of wastewater sludge. The improvement of the wastewater treatment plant provided for the upgrade of the facilities and equipment for wastewater mechanical treatment, sludge disposal, pretreatment of sludge mix before dewatering and other measures.

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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.03.06
UDC 628.358

Strelkov A. K., Egorova Yu. A., Stepanov S. V., Levin D. I., Doubman I. S., Nikolaev Aleksei

Project for the reconstruction of the tertiary treatment plant
at the wastewater treatment facilities of the city of Samara


Design solutions implemented by «Samarskie Kommunal’nye Sistemy» LLC on the reconstruction of the tertiary treatment plant of the Samara wastewater treatment facilities were considered and analyzed. The project provides for the chemical removal of phosphorus in addition to biological dephosphotation and filtration of effluents after biological treatment. The chemical phosphorus removal unit has been constructed as a building with a packaged plant inside for the preparation and dosing of aluminum sulfate solution; this layout provides for reducing the heating and ventilation costs of the chemical treatment facilities. The chemical agent is added at twelve points in the sludge mixture flow at the outlet of each aeration tank. The calculated concentration of phosphorus as phosphate in the effluent is 0.2 mg/l; the annual consumption of marketable coagulant is 1545 tons; the purchase unit cost is 0.15 rubles/m3. Tertiary treatment by filtration has been ensured by the reconstruction of eight circular settling tanks with a diameter of 54 m into settler-filters with floating media. Herewith, no construction of new buildings and utilities is required. The calculated concentration of suspended solids in the effluent is 4 mg/l, BODfull – 3 mg l. The specific energy consumption for the operation of filters with floating media is
0.57 Wh/m3, the cost of electricity – 0.0022 rubles/m3.

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