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UDC 628.33

Kevbrina M. V., Bogomolov M. V., Streltsov S. A., Belov N. A., Kolbasov G. A.

Optimization of the mode of sludge removal from secondary settling tanks


In the process of upgrading the Moscow Novokur’ianovskie wastewater treatment facilities the scraper mechanism for activated sludge collection in 54 m diameter secondary settling tanks was replaced by SO-54 sludge sucker. Since it was the first experience of using sludge suckers at the Kur’ianovskie wastewater treatment facilities it was decided to carry out experimental tests of the operation of the secondary settling tanks equipped with sludge suckers as well as to develop and approbate the method of efficient activated sludge collection and removal from the bottom of the settling tanks. The operation of SO-54 sludge sucker in different modes was analyzed. It was shown that the design of the settling tank provided for the operation control by switching off and on the suction pipes of the upper level of the sludge suckers, i. e. eliminating the use of complicated instruments. Regulating the operation of the suction pipes of the upper level of the sludge suckers with a time switch provides for maintaining the optimal height of the activated sludge layer. Switching off the suction pipes of the upper level of the sludge suckers results in the increased concentration of recycle sludge. As a result of changing SO-54 sludge pump operation the dosage of recycle sludge was increased from 4.6 to 7.1 g/l eliminating the effluent quality in relation to suspended solids. This allowed reducing the recycle sludge volume subject to pumping to the aeration tanks, and reducing the number of operating pumps, and power saving.

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UDC 628.31.004.69

Streltsov S. A., Belov N. A., Klimova L. A., Pshenko N. L.

Reconstruction of the Novo-Kur’ianovo wastewater treatment facilities


The Kur’ianovo wastewater treatment facilities are the European biggest municipal wastewater treatment complex. Being an advanced project for its time (1970-ies) by the XXI century the Kur’ianovo wastewater treatment facilities turned to be obsolescent and needed upgrading. In 2010 the project of upgrading the first and second blocks of the Novo-Kur’ianovo wastewater treatment facilities was launched. The specific features of the design solutions of recovering the capacity of the engineering structures of buildings and facilities of the wastewater treatment plant, of retrofitting nutrients removal process are considered alongside with the aspects of reducing malodorous emissions from the open surfaces of the facilities. Special attention in the project is paid to the selection of process equipment – advanced sludge scrapers, sludge pumps, turboblowers and aeration systems were installed. For the first time floating covers of the primary settling tanks were applied.

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UDC 628.33.004.6

Serebryakov D. V., Tuomikoski P.

Reconstruction of Typical Radial Settling Tanks with the Use of a Scraper System Finnchain


Difficulties of the operation of radial primary and secondary settling tanks with typical equipment for sludge removal (sludge disposal trucks IBR and sludge scrapers IPR) are stated. The scraper system Finnchain (Finland) devoids these shortcomings. A principle of operation of this equipment is described; basic operation data and its distinctions from analogues are presented.

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УДК 628.32/.336

Zhurba M. S., Fomin I. I., Levchenko O. V.

Development of high-technology wastewater treatment facilities on the basis of «Ecopolymer» equipment


«Ecopolymer» Manufacturing Company LLC has lately expanded both the production capacities and production portfolio. The Company is aiming at producing not just separate product types but complexes designed for complete cycle of process operations. The Company production program is presented. The designs of a belt filter-press, rack screens for fine treatment, a screw conveyor and a screw press for screenings, and a sludge pump are described. The basic specifications and advantages of the equipment manufactured by «Ecopolymer» Manufacturing Company LLC are summarized. The development and manufacture by the «Ecopolymer» production department of the control cabinets for the automation of the operation of the entire treatment facilities or their separate units has become a solid step in the control of the treatment facilities as a whole. The long-term Company’s experience provides for offering the customers ready-made solutions of the manufactured equipment layout with the visualization of the layout and harmonization of all the automated control systems for the equipment included into the complex.

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