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DOI 10.35776/MNP.2019.12.07
UDC 628.218:624.139

Terekhov L. D., Mainy Sh.

Study of the changes in the thermal conditions of sewer networks in winter


Sewer pipelines are one of the main components of a sanitation system that determines its integrity and effectiveness. The sanitation system of Kyzyl has been constructed in the areas with a rigorous climate that is characterized by deep seasonal soil freezing exceeding 3.2 m. Reducing the depth of laying sewer pipelines against this background is a critical task. The study was aiming at the substantiation of reducing the pipe laying depth while maintaining the integrity of their operation in the normal way and ensuring non-freezing in possible emergency situations. The results of full-scale studies of the thermal conditions of operating the sanitation system of Kyzyl in winter are presented. The results of wastewater temperature measurements in different sewer network sections at different times of the day are given. Based on the obtained data a thermotechnical calculation of the network was carried out that provided for assigning 1.8 m pipe laying depth of the building drains with possible reduction in future.

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