DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.05.04
UDC 626.134:628.132

Pomazkin E.

Long-term protection and waterproofing of precast concrete drinking water tanks


For the construction of drinking water tanks reinforced concrete is most often used that has significant advantages compared to other materials, e.g. environmental friendliness (monolithic and precast concrete does not release toxic substances into water); durability (with proper operation, tanks made of reinforced concrete reliably serve at least 100 years while maintaining operational properties); the possibility of building tanks of different capacity and shape; affordable cost. The option of repair and waterproofing of prefabricated reinforced concrete water tanks in a drinking water supply system in the presence of defective areas is given. Such defects include: destruction of the protective layer of concrete with reinforcement baring, damage of the waterproofing of the wall panels adjoining the foundation, static joints between wall panels, wall panels adjoining ribbed floor slabs. Repair and waterproofing are carried out using Penetron and Skrepa materials that have the required permissions for being used in drinking water supply systems.

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