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UDC 628.161.2

KURANOV N. P., KUZMIN V. V., Boldyrev K. A., Bilek F.

Geochemical simulation of intraformational deironing and demanganation of ground water


A model of intraformational elimination of iron and manganese from ground water based on PhreeqC 2 software package was developed. The model takes into account the chemical parameters of the proceeding processes. The model application results show the high efficiency of intraformational deironing in the area of the Mostovoy water intake (Komsomolsk-on-Amur city). The effect of manganese concentration increase in pumped water during the initial operating period of the Tungus ground water intake is explained. The developed technique of hydrogeochemical simulation provides for designing a model of intraformational process of iron and manganese elimination while taking into account the analysis of the rock water-retaining capacity and intrastratal water.

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UDC 556.388.005.334


Methodological principles of risk assessment in case of chemical ground water pollution


Risk assessment is recognized as a basis in tackling environmental protection issues practically all over the world. The methodological principles of risk assessment in case of chemical ground water pollution are considered. Basic algorithms for the main risk assessments related to ground water pollution are formulated; area vulnerability categories are defined depending on the response to the impact of negative processes in ground waters, methodological area vulnerability ranking in working out environmental measures is developed. The methodology of risk assessment of ground water pollution imposes exclusive demands on predicting pollution prevalence. In this connection a concept analysis of the advanced software in terms of the adaptation to the risk assessment in case of ground water pollution was carried out.

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