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UDC 628.

Pokhil Yu. N., Valuyskikh I. V., Mamaev V. V., Andriyanets P. I., Andriyanets A. P., Pokazaniev D. S.

Automated System of Control over Technological Process of Filtration


It is told about the stage-by-stage realization of the project of automation of the filtration process at the pumping-filtering station of the city of Novosibirsk. In the first place equipment of automated monitoring of parameters of the filtration process and equipment were introduced. The stage-by-stage introduction of the automation system on the basis of monitoring results makes it possible to optimize the process of filters washing. Owing to the correct adjustment of fittings and control elements it is possible to reduce the quantity of wash water by 18%. The second component of reducing wash water consumption is the optimization of a period of filters washing. By the parameters controlled (head loss, turbidity, capacity, position of valves during the washing) it is possible to increase the time of a filtering cycle by about 2 times which reduces water consumption for filters washing. The developed solutions of the stage-by-stage introduction of automation of control over the technological process make it possible to use them at analogous filtering facilities.

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