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UDC 628.334.1

Voloshin K. I., Poloskov V. V.

Mechanical Treatment of Wastewater at Sewage Pumping Stations


The most widespread methods of protection of pumping units against the ingress of large size garbage delivered to sewage pumping station with a wastewater flow are considered. An example of operation of the mechanized rake type screens RKE EKOTON® at the main sewage pumping station of the city of Seversk is made. The screens ensure the reliable removal of large size garbage from wastewater, owing to it the interrepair time of pumping unit operation increases. If before the reconstruction of the technological section 15–20 kg of garbage were removed from wastewater, after the adoption of new equipment this figure increased up to 50 kg/day. To compensate the costs of garbage evacuation the waste collected on screens is transported to the hydro-press for wringing that makes it possible to reduce it volume.

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UDC 628.334

Khrekov N. B., Borisov V. Ya.

Enhancement of Operation Efficiency of Mechanical Treatment Plant of Samara’s Aeration Station


Problems of the treatment of wastewater of the Samara’s city aeration station connected with ineffective operation of mechanical screens are described. The substantiation of the choice of mechanical screens PC manufactured by PSP Prommashservis Ltd. for the replacement of obsolete equipment and also steel of 12X18H10T grade for manufacture of screens PC is made. The distinctive features of the screens that distinguish them among analogues are presented.

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