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Shuvalov M. V.

System analysis of the evolution of designing sanitation systems for communities (to be discussed)


To get a whole picture of the evolution of wastewater disposal technologies for settlements and to study the conditionality of their development subject to the influence of specific demands of socio-historical practice, as well as to predict and plan further improvement of technologies, the sanitation system of a settlement should be considered as a set of interrelated components – suit of technologies: wastewater collection, disposal (or transportation); wastewater and sludge treatment, utilization of wastewater components, landfilling wastewater components (including effluent discharge into water bodies). The topological model of the structure of a sanitation system of a settlement is displayed using a graph. In the proposed graph model five vertices (components of the sanitation system structure) and numerous arcs (connection of components) are taken. The proposed topological model provides for analyzing a sanitation system of a real settlement and modeling to solve optimization problems and determine possible trends of its development.

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