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UDC 628.345.1

Zalyotova N. A.

Phosphorus compounds in municipal wastewater


The analysis of the results of determining phosphorus compounds in wastewater at the treatment facilities is presented. In order to remove phosphorus compounds different methods of municipal wastewater treatment are used. The efficiency of eliminating some or other phosphorus forms depends on the technology used. The ratio of separate phosphorus forms in raw sewage differ much from effluent; therefore their impact on the water body also differs even if the discharged effluent quality is meeting the maximum permissible concentration of phosphates. Addition of chemical into wastewater provides for the fast and reliable removal of phosphates. The efficient reduction of total phosphorus and phosphates occurs only under the combination of biological and chemical wastewater treatment, or under the use of the modified biological treatment with alternating aerobic and anaerobic conditions of activated sludge retention.

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