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UDC 628.166:628.179.2

Khasanova D. I., Shilin S. O., Garifutdinov M. K., Kovrizhnykh E. A.

Biocidal properties of OPTS-600 – a new nonoxidizing agent inhibiting microbial flora in water recycling systems


Corrosion processes in water recycling systems are often caused by different microorganisms, i. e. bacteria, algae, micromycetes. To eliminate them special substances – biocides are used. Biocidal agents have been continuously improved and at present they are complex multicomponent chemical systems. These complexes must be both broad spectrum, i. e. be equally efficient in inhibiting all the microorganism groups, and long acting (up to several weeks). Thus, developing and testing new biocidal agents for water recycling systems has been a relevant objective. The results of studying the biocidal properties of OPTS-600 new complex nonoxidizing polyhexamethyleneguianidine hydrochloride-based biocide with synergistic additives are presented. The results of the laboratory and pilot studies showed that OPTS-600 biocide almost completely inhibited the growth of microbial flora by affecting equally efficiently not only different bacterial groups but also algae and micromycetes. OPTS-600 biocidal agent is long acting and provides for inhibiting the growth of microbial flora during two weeks after it has been added into the water recycling systems. It was determined that the optimal concentration of OPTS-600 biocide in circulating water was 30 mg/l, recommended treatment interval – 1–2 months.

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