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Shuvalov M. V., Tarakanov D. I.

The history of the Samara wastewater treatment facilities project
designed by engineer V. G. Lindlei


«Drainage of Samara» project was designed by engineer V. G. Lindlei in 1907. Technical and process solutions approved in the project were at that time most advanced. Domestic, industrial wastewater and surface runoff was treated at «designated» facilities that included grit chambers and «moving screens» with a bar spacing of 5 mm. The removal of captured pollutants was completely automated. Extraction of other pollutants was supposed to execute at the «treatment facilities». For this purpose covered horizontal settling tanks with hydraulic sludge removal systems were designed. Biological wastewater treatment was to be carried out in oxidation basins (total surface area about 16 hectare) filled with feed. For wastewater transportation collectors of piriform 1400×1750 mm cross section were planned for construction. According to literary resources at those times wastewater treatment facilities were only in four cities; at that in Odessa, Kiev and Moscow they were represented by sewage fields, and the only treatment facilities with biofilters were built in Tsarskoe Selo.

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