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Aksenov V. I., GALKIN Yu. A.

Zero waste VIZ-Stal’ LLC recycling system of industrial water supply


The history of developing the first in metallurgy zero waste recycling system of industrial water supply of a transformer steel cold rolling plant at the Verkh-Isetsk steelworks (Ekaterinburg) is described. Since building the plant was planned in the centre of the city with the population of 1.5 million people on the bank of the Verkh-Isetsk pond near the drin­king water intake it was required to design a system of industrial water supply with complete elimination of the wastewater and industrial wastes discharge into the environment. The first step of developing the system was retrofitting a vitriol unit for the removal of environmentally hazardous wastes – spent concentrated pickling plant liquor. Hereafter the flotation technology of oil emulsion wastewater treatment was developed. In the course of experimental studies the efficiency of using clarifiers with suspended sediment in the process of removing palm oil from recycled water of the cold rolling mill was investigated. Most attention was paid to the technical solutions of processing the wastes generated in the process of industrial wastewater treatment. The unit for oil waste incineration was designed. Wastewater sludge was initially dewatered in the filter-presses, and then dried. Designing an evaporation plant for thermal desalination of blowdown water of the closed-loop cycles of the transformer steel cold rolling plant and wastewater from the chemical treatment of the thermal power plant effluent provided for the zero discharge of the entire industrial water supply system. The experience of the Verkh-Isetsk steelworks, particularly in relation to processing solid wastes and wastewater desalination, was used in designing efficient water supply systems for various industries including the upgrade of the Novolipetsk steelworks water supply system.

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