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Vasil'ev A. N.

The experience of using «dry» filtration technology  in underground water conditioning


Iron, being one of the most abundant elements of the Earth crust, is present almost everywhere in the water of shallow aquifers in the form of soluble compounds, or sometimes in the form of compound organic matter. High concentrations of iron in water cause corrosion and blockages in pipes either directly by forming deposits or indirectly providing the conditions for specific bacterial growth. For this and some other reasons iron is removed from the water from the sources with elevated iron concentrations before supply to the consumers. The examples of the «dry» filtration technology used by the engineering and construction companies of Tver in the process of underground water conditioning are presented. The theoretical basis of the technology was formulated by G. Iu. Asse, expert of NII VODGEO. As a result of the longstanding cooperation with the designers from Tver the process flow scheme of underground water de-ironing was developed together with the process equipment – a set of aero-filters of various capacities. This provided for designing a number of de-ironing installations which surpass by a number of parameters the well-known de-ironing technical solutions implemented in typical and individual projects. Technical solutions developed and implemented in practice provide for placing aero-filters in one building with a booster pumping station, filter media regeneration pumps, a compressor station, UV-disinfection system, and auxiliary rooms.

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