DOI 10.35776/MNP.2020.05.08
UDC 628.144:628.179.34:528.88

Guseinli El’mir Imran ogly, Alieva A. D.

A new method for remote detection of water leaks in pipelines


The possibility of developing a new method for remote detection of water leaks in pipelines is considered. To develop the recommendations on the optimal implementation of altitude (aircraft or satellite) sounding in order to detect water leaks in pipelines, the main physical processes that affect the results of detecting water leaks by remote sensing are analyzed. The need for taking into account the following physical effects is shown: the dependence of the reflective spectrum of the soil on its moisture content; the dependence of the optical density of atmospheric aerosol (AOD) on the relative humidity (RH); inverse relationship between the air temperature and humidity; temperature dependence of the reflected signal of the soil due to soil drying. A new method for detecting leaks in pipelines is proposed that involves re-driving the water pipeline route and comparing the obtained spectrometric results taking into account the influence of the air temperature on the soil moisture and the degree of the atmospheric aerosol humidity.

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