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Akhmadieva Iu. I., Sazanova N. I.

Estimation of the efficiency of aluminum-containing coagulants
in low polluted surface water treatment through
the example of «Minskvodokanal» UE


«Minskvodokanal» UE has been continuously developing the technologies of water treatment with the purpose of improving drinking water quality and water supply services. One of the perspective directions of improving the technologies of surface water treatment at the Water Treatment Plant of Minsk is the search for new efficient chemicals, coagulants based on aluminium salts in particular. The data describing the quality of natural water incoming for treatment is presented. The process flow scheme of water treatment is presented. The issues of objective estimation of the efficiency of the chemicals studied are considered with obtaining consistent results proved under production conditions. The main controlled parameters of natural water and water after coagulant addition are determined, and the measurement techniques are presented. The experimentel results and technical process modeling under laboratory conditions is shown. A general program of laboratory tests of aluminum-containing coagulants has been compiled. The method of data processing and analysis with obtaining statistically consistent results has been developed. The periods of testing new coagulant brands that provide for taking account of the seasonal and annual fluctuations of the chemical and microbiological water components for selecting coagulants that are efficient throughout the year are denoted.

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