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Natural specifics of underground water deposits of the intermorainic complex of the Kurortnyi district of Saint-Petersburg


The problems of estimating the resources of underground water under complicated hydrogeological conditions of the intermorainic water-bearing complex in the Kurortnyi district of Saint-Petersburg are brought up. The complexity of the deposit conditions lie in the irregularity of the lithological composition and capacity of the water-bearing material in relation to the depth and strike as well as in the determination of factors of formation and replenishment of the underground water deposits in the process of their exploitation. Such deposits, as a rule, are associated with the areas of ancient buried valleys and contain significant stocks of fresh underground water available for drinking purposes. In the Kurortnyi district «Molodezhnoe», «Zelenogorskoe», «Solnechnoe» deposits are located within the boundaries of the cognominal communities. The underground water resources amount to about 15–30 thousand m3/day, deep well flow rate – 2–5 thousand m3/day. Under the conditions of the complicated natural specifics of the deposits estimating the underground water resources by traditional methods of hydrodynamic calculations gives highly distorted results. The best-attested results are obtained during the development of a computational geofiltration model. The option of calculating underground water resources by the mathematical model method is considered. The principle stages of designing a computational geofiltration model through the example of «Molodezhnoe» deposit are given.

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  1. Nikolaev Iu. V. Pereotsenka zapasov podzemnykh vod na uchastke mestorozhdeniya «Molodezhnoe» dlya tsentralizovannogo vodosnabzheniya naselennykh punktov zapadnoy chasti Kurortnogo rayona Sankt-Peterburga [Revaluation of the underground water resources of the «Molodezhnoe» deposit area for public water supply of the communities in the western part of the Kurortnyi district of Saint-Petersburg. Saint-Petersburg, «Geolstroi» LLC Publ., 2012].
  2. Konosavskii P. K. Pereotsenka zapasov podzemnykh vod na uchastkakh proektnykh skvazhinnykh vodozaborov na mestorozhdeniyakh «Molodezhnoe», «Dyuny» metodom matematicheskogo modelirovaniya [Revaluation of the underground water resources in the areas of designed deep well water intakes of the «Molodezhnoe», «Diuny» deposits by mathematic model method. Saint-Petersburg, SPbGU Publ., 2012].

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