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Urmitova N. S., Abitov R. N., Nizamova A. Kh., Khabibullin R. R.

The use of coarse coalescent materials in the units
for oil field water treatment


The Republic of Tatarstan is a federal subject of Russia with high technology and economic level including petrochemical, oil extraction and oil refining industries. At the oil extraction facilities big amounts of oily water are generated. Reuse of this water for oil reservoir flooding to improve the production rate is an efficient method of utilization. Before the injection oil and mechanical admixtures must be removed from wastewater. This is provided by sedimentation method. To enhance the process wastewater pretreatment is used. Coalescence process with the use of granulated coalescent porous media is one of the most efficient methods. To enhance the treatment process granulated coalescent materials based on polymers and expanded clay were developed. As a result of experimental studies it was concluded that coarse hydrophobic media with increased filtration rate that work in self-regeneration mode is the best material for coalescence. Herewith the purification level is improved and the duration of sedimentation process is cut by half and more.

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