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UDC 628.11(470.6)

Mikheeva I. V.

Water projects, water supply and wastewater disposal conditions in the communities of the Southern Federal District


Drinking water quality maintenance has been one of the priority tasks of the national sanitary and epidemiologic service activities. The population practically in all the territorial entities of the Southern Federal District suffers from the scarcity of pathogen-free drinking water because of the undercapacity of the waterworks, unsatisfactory sanitary condition of the drinking water transportation systems, inefficient use of drinking water for watering garden plots in summer, lack of the good quality water supply sources. The root cause of water sources pollution is the discharge of poorly treated effluents and raw wastewater, storm water, drainage water from irrigation systems into the water bodies. The source of sea water pollution is raw wastewater and poorly treated effluents discharged by inefficient wastewater treatment facilities. Most wastewater treatment facilities, sewers of different projects and communities on the territory of the Southern Federal District need rehabilitation, capital repair and upgrade. Drinking water quality depends on the condition and quality of the water source, water treatment technology and condition of the distribution networks that predetermines the need of water use optimization. The proposals on improving the condition of water supply and wastewater disposal and ensuring the epidemiological welfare of the population of the communities of the Southern Federal District are presented.

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