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UDC 628.241

Klementyev M. N., Vasilyev V. M.

Development of the tunnel sewerage in Saint-Petersburg


The information on the construction of a tunnel sewer system for the improvement of the environmental situation in Leningrad-Saint-Petersburg and the Gulf of Finland drainage area is presented. A short description of the tunnel sewers in Saint-Petersburg, the conditions of their construction, the arrangement of maintenance and operation, safety arrangements during tunnel inspection are given. In 1947 «Podzemkanalstroi» Trust was established with the purpose of tunnel construction. The projects of tunnels were designed by «Lengiproinzhproekt» Institute. The research workers of the Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute – St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering developed the methods of hydraulic calculations, separate tunnel in-line structures designs, me­thods of the sewer protection from corrosion, repair and rehabilitation. The operation and maintenance of tunnel sewers is carried out by the special subdivision – Tunnel Sewer Operation District that was established on December 1, 1978. The objective of this subdivision is the acquisition of complete information on the integrity of all the tunnel sewers in the city and their structures (shafts, bore holes, chambers etc.); management of routine maintenance and operation; inspection and accumulation of the information on the dynamics of the integrity changes of the structures. The inspection results provide for identifying the causes of the deterioration of tunnels and their structures; determining the priorities and repair and rehabilitation measures, improving the reliability of the municipal wastewater disposal system.

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