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UDC 628.3:504.064

Lysova T. I., Alekseeva I. V., Perednia T. V., Rublevskaya O. N.

Amendments and prospects of the statutory regulation of wastewater and pollution discharges by water utilities and their customers


The background and dynamics of the environmental legislation amendments related to the water supply and wastewater disposal, and statutory regulation related to effluent and pollution discharges from public wastewater disposal systems are described. The results of applying the enactments related to wastewater disposal are stated that provided for the successive correction of the statutory regulations related to the public wastewater disposal systems beginning from 2014. The analysis of water-protective measures taken by the custo­mers is presented in light of abandoning the state regulation of wastewater discharge into the public wastewater disposal systems. The
evaluation of the results of the amendments of «The rules of cold water supply and wastewater disposal» adopted in 2016 in relation to the customers of SUE «Vodokanal of St. Petersburg» is presented. The successive approximation of the Russian requirements to the wastewater composition and properties set with the purpose of preventing the negative impact on the public wastewater disposal systems with similar European requirements is shown. The novations coming into effect from January 1, 2019 of Federal Law No. 219-FZ «On the amendments to the Federal Law «On environmental protection» and separate enactments of the Russian Federation» and Federal Law No. 225-FZ of July 29, 2017 «On the amendments to the Federal Law «On water supply and wastewater disposal» and separate enactments of the Russian Federation» related to the system of the wastewater utilities introducing the best available techniques are stated. The prospects of the future development of the environmental regulations and legislation on water supply and wastewater disposal in relation to the regulation of the discharges by wastewater utilities and discharges to the public wastewater disposal systems by the customers are stated.

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  1. Alekseeva I. V., Lysova T. I. [Amendment to the legislation regulating wastewater discharges to the public wastewater disposal systems]. Book of reports of XI Scientific-Technical Conference dedicated to the memory of S. V. Iakovlev, RAS Academician. Moscow, 2016. (In Russian).
  2. Issledovanie rekomendatsiy i praktik ochistki promyshlennykh stochnykh vod v evropeyskikh stranakh [Study of the recommendations and practice of industrial wastewater treatment in European countries. Saint-Petersburg, «Ekovod» LLC Publ., 2014].

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