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Vatin N. I., Grekov M. A., Leonov L. V., Probirsky M. D., Rublevskaya O. N., Chechevichkin A. V., Iakunin L. A.

The experience of year-round operation of FOPS® filter in the purification of surface runoff from technologically disturbed resident areas


At present residential areas in big cities in particular, have been exposed to technogenic pollution related to heavy traffic, development of managed territories including areas close to big shopping and leisure centers and other crowded places. In order to improve the quali­ty of life for the citizens and reduce the negative impact on the environment special attention shall be paid to the collection, removal and treatment of surface runoff from such territories. The purpose of testing FOPS®-MU filter during four seasons (spring – summer – autumn –winter – spring) was the assessment of the efficiency and practicability of operating this equipment for surface runoff treatment. In the process of observations it was stated that the main source of the pollution of surface runoff from resident areas (suspended solids, oil products, iron, manganese) was automobile transport. Peak concentrations of some pollutants reached 150–400 maximum permissible concentrations set for the effluent discharged into the municipal sewer. Year-round continuous operation (for 13 months) of FOPS®-MU filter showed high treatment efficiency in relation to different pollutants during the entire testing period without any loss of the operating capacity including after the negative temperature period. The high performance characteristics of FOPS®-MU filter were also promoted by using FOPS®-K filter-basket for collecting waste.

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