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FESENKO L. N., Pchel'nikov I. V., Terikov A. S., Nguen Tkhi Tuan Z’ep

Study of chloride concentration effect on the generation  of active chlorine in direct electrolysis


Electrochemical sodium hypochlorite has been most often used in water treatment at the water and wastewater treatment facilities. Natural water containing chlorides can be used as raw material for its production. The results of studies of electrolysis of low minera­lized water with 25, 50 and 100 mg/dm3 chloride concentration are presented. The simulated solution was prepared by «Ekstra» table salt dilution in distilled water. The tests were carried out within 10–500 A/m2 current density range. The concentration of active chlorine is increasing alongside with the electrolysis time. It is stated that at the preset values of anodic current density active chlorine of different concentrations can be obtained, e. g. up to 220 mg/dm3 at 100 A/m2 current density and 100 mg/dm3 chloride concentration. The process is notable for the amount of generated active chlorine exceeding the stoichiometric chloride concentration in water in process up to 1.7–1.9 times; this can be caused by the formation of other oxidants, e. g. hydrogen peroxide. At the current density less than 500 A/m2 the output of active chlorine decreases. According to the experimental results a nomogram for determining the active chlorine current yield depending on the chlorine concentration in the solution and current density is proposed.

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