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Kalachev D. A.

New age of membrane technologies: HUBER VRM unit


The information on the developments of HUBER Company in the field of wastewater and sludge treatment with the use of advanced technologies is presented. The company experts have been developing various system options: from mechanical treatment to hi-tech membrane biological reactors. The use of membrane bioreactor provides for reducing the volume of aeration tanks, since it ensures operating biological treatment stage with activated sludge concentration up to 8 g/l (or to 12 g/l in the MBR filtration chamber); abandoning secondary settling tanks, tertiary treatment and disinfection stages (if needed) resulting in the reclamation of additional space. Beside strict requirements to the efficiency of treatment it is important to note the reduction of operation expenditures, for energy in particular. HUBER Company has developed a reliable and energy efficient solution – HUBER VRM membrane unit. The basic innovative solution in the designed membrane filtration unit is a unique AirBoost system.

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