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UDC 628.21:504.06

Drachikov S. A., Ivanov Mikh. Val., Vorob'ev V. S., Mit'kova E. E.

Evaluation of the harmonization of the environmental requirements


Evaluation of the active environmental documents – federal laws, RF Governmental Decrees, methods, environmental requirements – in relation to their harmonization was carried out. Inconsistencies in the names and designations of the same pollutants in different regulatory documents were revealed. It was found that the requirements to the maximum permissible concentrations of pollutants in commercial fishing water bodies and chemicals in water bodies used for public water supply and recreation lack detergents regulated by the environmental protection authorities. Proposals on eliminating the revealed inconsistencies were made. In this regard it is expedient to develop and adopt a document specifying the way of making VAT calculations, determining the succeeding charge for discharging pollutants into water bodies based on the main characteristics typical for domestic wastewater and surface runoff, and to compile a complete, single for all the natural resource users list of the regulated pollutants. Besides, it is necessary to issue Appendix to RF Governmental Decree No. 913 comprising the uniform methods of analyses of all the regulated pollutants or give references to the existing methods.

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