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UDC 628.165

Pervov A. G., Andrianov A. P., Efremov R. V., Spitsov D. V.

Utilization of reverse osmosis concentrate with removing from it calcium and magnesium ions


The possible use of pre-developed technology of removing calcium carbonate with seeding agent to reduce the consumption of concentrate from large-scale units operating at the heat power facilities was studied. Concentrate of the operating reverse osmosis units contains inhibitors that inhibit the rate of seed crystal growth and impede the process of its utilization. The correlations between the calcium carbonate growth rate in the concentrate containing inhibiting substances and the dosage of the introduced seed, pH value and permeate yield were studied. For the implementation of the technology membrane apparatus with open channels are used that are resistant to the impact of membrane transfer of low-soluble salt deposits and suspended substances on the process. The developed by the authors technology of the concentrate utilization from reverse osmosis units installed at the heat power facilities for boiler feed water preparation is described. With the help of the developed technology softened water with lowered alkalinity and salt content can be produced. Herewith no chemicals are needed, and the unit does not consume water for its own needs. The technology provides for the complete utilization of reverse osmosis concentrate by improving its quality (in terms of hardness, alkalinity and total dissolved so­lids) to the requirements that allow using it for engineering purposes (for adding into a heat supply system or a circulation water supply system). Herewith any saline discharges into the environment are eliminated.

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