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UDC 628.15.004.69

Radetsky M. Yu., Davydov A. B., Kolevatov I. A.

Optimization of Operation of a City Water Supply System


Methods of the optimization of operation of a municipal water supply network of the city of Novosibirsk are presented. A number of variants of installation of reducing valves on different sites of the water supply network at the neighbourhoods Pashino (to itself) and Severny (after itself) of the Kalininsky District of the city are considered in detail. The results of the operation of various pressure regulators and frequency converters used at water supply pumping stations during the last few years are given. As a result of the installation of pressure regulators on sections of the water supply network of the Pashino and Severny neighbourhoods of Novosibirsk the total pumping capacity of stations Drinking Centre and Heat-and-Power Station-4 (HPS-4) has been cut by 10–15% and the pressure at the fourth-stage pumping station (HPS-4) has been reduced by 10 m H2O. At the same time the breakdown rate of the water supply networks of the neighbourhoods has dropped by 10–20%.

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