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UDC 628.1/.2:62-192

Alekseev M. I., Baranov L. A., Yermolin Yu. A.

Evaluation of water and wastewater facilities life time under the conditions of periodic failure flow
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It is customary to evaluate the reliability of water and wastewater facilities by a number of indicators; the most important among them being the failure rate, reliability function – probability of failure free operation of a project by the time, average time between neighboring failures (life time) of the project. An approximate analytical solution of the task of the project reliability evaluation is presented for the case when the failure flow rate influencing the project is a periodic piecewise constant time function. It was suggested to replace this nonstationary process with a fictitious stationary one. The formula was derived stating the constant failure rate of the equivalent fictitious flow through the parameters of the initial real process. This provides for the possible approximate solution of reliability tasks in analytic form that is suitable for practical use and further analysis.

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