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Alekseeva L. P., Kourova L. V., Alekseev S. E.

Specific features of using chemical treatment in removing manganese compounds from underground water


Many underground water sources in Russia used for drinking water supply are characterized by increased concentrations of iron and manganese. There are different chemical and nonchemical methods of underground water treatment. In some cases nonchemical methods of treatment cannot provide for the required drinking water quality. However, the use of chemicals for removing iron and manganese compounds makes the process more complicated and increases the cost of water treatment; therefore their use shall be substantiated and approved by technological studies. The aspects of removing manganese compounds from underground water with the use of chemicals in cases when it was stated that nonchemical methods were not efficient are considered. The results of studies on determining the efficiency of using oxidants, alkalizing and coagulating chemicals are presented. When using oxidants in removing manganese from water the range of optimal chemical dosages is relatively small. The efficiency of manganese removal with the help of oxidants increases with the increase of water pH. For more integrated removal of oxidized manganese compounds and other pollutants from water flocculants can be used in the process of water clarification.

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