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UDC 628.353:661.5

Iantsen O. V.

Enhanced wastewater treatment with nitrogen compounds removal  in biofilters


Biofilters mainly built in Russia in 1960–1970-ies in most cases are a part of small-scale treatment facilities. At present most biofilters are in serviceable condition (owing to the specific design), however they provide for incomplete biological treatment. The results of the laboratory studies of the wastewater treatment technology in biofilters are presented. Several process flow schemes are considered, optimal modes of the facilities‘ operation are suggested. The properties of different filter media were studied. The advantages and drawbacks of the technologies and media studied are noted. Health-related and chemical parameters of the water treated are set. The diagrams that reflect running processes of nitrification-denitrification are presented. The use of a two-stage four-zone process flow scheme of biological wastewater treatment is substantiated. The suggested process flow scheme will provide for the wide use of biofilters both in upgrading the existing facilities and in designing new ones.

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