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UDC 628.355

Gogina Е. S., Gul’shin I. A.

Simulation of energy efficient biological wastewater treatment process in a circulation oxidation ditch


In the National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering comprehensive work is carried out in the field of simulating energy efficient wastewater treatment processes in circulation oxidation ditches. Notably, process flow schemes of removing nitrogen compounds from wastewater at low dissolved oxygen concentrations are considered. The study is aiming at the determination of optimal process modes of biomass activity under different conditions in the course of implementing experimental schemes. The summarized results of the second stage of the comprehensive study of energy efficient wastewater treatment in circulation oxidation ditches are presented: the efficiency dependency of simultaneous nitrification and denitrification at variable oxygen regimen has been determined, the mechanism of biomass adaptation and specific features of biomass bringing to the operating regime has been studied. The experimental plant model is described that provides for considering not only biochemical but also more detailed hydraulic specific features of the experimental process.

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